Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are Communion Cups Recyclable?

Since we're still in the "getting to know me" stage of this blog, I should let you know that I'm a Lutheran.  That's a branch of protestant Christianity founded by this guy:

Martin Luther (1483-1546)
What does this have to do with being green? I'm getting there. 

Each Sunday, our church offers the option of "common cup" or individual cups of wine during communion.  This decision always makes me feel uneasy.

Common Cup
Individual Communion Cups
I know that the greenest option for me would be to opt for the common cup since everyone drinks from the same metal chalice.  BUT, I just can't hang with the thought of communal backwash.  Sorry.

So instead, I (and most of our congregation) drink from the little individual plastic cups each Sunday.  This morning as I saw the tray of empty plastic cups go by at the end of communion, I got to thinking: yikes, that's a lot of plastic to pitch in the landfill each week.

As I suspected, I learned that our church does not currently recycle the cups, but we do have a recycling bin available to use.  So the only question left for me to answer is: Are the cups actually recyclable?

Answer: From what I can see online, YES.  Although, each manufacturer is different so a little research is needed to confirm particular brands. I'm happy to report that the brand our church uses IS recyclable!  So I'm going to ask our Altar Guild to start dropping the used cups into the recycling bin from now on.  Now I won't feel so guilty for taking one sip from a plastic cup.

You know what that makes me? A happy Lutheran.  Just like this guy:


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