Monday, March 19, 2012

Tykes on a Plane: Flight-Friendly Toys

I'm so sorry for the other 187 people boarding our Virgin America flight, but we're taking Goose on a 5+ hour cross-country plane ride next month.  I spent the last thirty years of my life hating people who do that. Now here we are.  I'm actually starting to get cotton mouth thinking about this trip.

The best way to overcome a fear is to go online shopping, right?  I'm preparing now for what I expect will be the longest flight of my life by buying Goose a couple of new toys to play with on the plane.  Here's what I dug up:

I found a website called Delicious Baby that suggests these travel-friendly toys:

Sophie by Vulli

I'm a little surprised that Sophie is a suggested travel toy since it does make noise.  Our goal here is to not annoy the other patrons with squeaks.   That said, Goose LOVES her Sophie giraffe so I probably will bring it along for when she reaches Defcon 2. 


I didn't know there was a difference between play silks and regular pieces of fabric.  What makes them play? Maybe the bright colors?  I don't actually want to spend money on a square of fabric.  I have a couple of flour sack dishcloths that I can tuck in our carry-on. 

Painter's Masking Tape

Now get this: Delicious Baby recommends bringing a roll of painters tape along for the ride.  They say you can stick bits of it on the chair, on your face, etc for baby's enjoyment and then throw the ball of used tape out when you leave.    The beauty of painter's tape is that it is a bright color and doesn't damage surfaces it sticks to.  Is this green?  Not really. But it does sound fun.
Taggies Book
The folks over at the Home Made Baby Food Recipe website have a bunch of great suggestions including this My First Taggies Book.  I've seen these before but actually had no idea what the point of the tags was.  Now that Goose fixates on the tags of her toys, I get how fun these books must be to a baby.  I'm ordering one now!
The last thing I think I'm going to order is a cloth toy like this Buggybu from Manahattan Toys.  I got Goose a similar toy from Haba that she really likes futzing with. I'm hoping the different shape and style will surprise her and buy us time between the passing drink carts.
Wish us luck. 
I'll report after we land how my husband fared having a roll of painter's tape stuck in his beard for five straight hours. 

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