Monday, December 31, 2012

Goosey's Green Christmas

Goosey was a very good girl this year, so she got a bunch of new toys for Christmas.  Here are the greenest of the bunch:

The Magnetic Chalk & Dry Erase Board from Melissa & Doug: Goose is ALL ABOUT magnets these days.  I felt kind of sorry for her when I saw her playing with the DUI attorney magnets we peeled off the phone book last month.  I thought it was time for her to get the classic alphabet set, but didn't really want the plastic ones.  We really like the M&D set  because it is made out of wood!

Also from Melissa & Doug, Goose's Oma & Papa got her the Cart of Wooden Alphabet Blocks.  I like these, because unlike some sets, the colors are very vibrant on all four sides of the block to read them easier.  The cart makes for cleaner storage, too.

The pull-along family of wooden ducks that Goose received from her great aunt were vintage from Germany so I couldn't find the exact model for sale in the US.  But here is a more colorful set of wooden ducks from Wonderworld that are sorta similar.

The last of the little wooden toys Goosey received was from her Grammy who picked up this little pop-up wooden peg toy in a gift shop while traveling through France last year.  The pegs are incredibly springy, so it's actually really fun to push them down and let them fly out of their holsters. 

Now for the BIG gift from mommy and daddy...

THE KITCHEN! I scoured the internet for just the right kitchen set that was wooden, but still kinda fun.  I was a little bummed that most of the uber-eco kitchen sets were so simple and abstract, they really didn't look like much fun at all.  Just as I was getting frustrated, we visited IKEA and discovered the perfect wooden kitchen set that had everything I wanted, plus a few bonus details like light-up burners and hooks to store cookware for IKEA CHEAP.

And because the kitchen itself was so inexpensive, we were able to stock her shelves with plenty of wooden and cloth food items.  All she needs now is an apron and chef's hat...

Lastly, I have to sing praises for the cardboard castle playhouse my mom picked up at the drugstore (for $12, btw) to keep Goose and her 4 year old cousin busy over the holidays.  It delivered, and then some.  This cardboard castle has been nothing but sheer entertainment for days now.  Goose LOVES to continue coloring on the walls and dragging toys in and out of the doors. If you've got the floor space for a paper monstrosity, I highly recommend one of these puppies.

Okay.  So that was Goosey's green Christmas.  Have a super duper Happy New Year!

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