Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goose's 3-Alarm 3rd Birthday

Instead of throwing a mondo house party, we mixed it up this time to throw Goose a 3-stop interactive firefighter-themed birthday party.  Here's where we went and what we did:

Goose is completely into all things firefighter right now.  She watches a wholelotta Fireman Sam, can point out every fire hydrant in a five-block radius of our apartment, and is on a first name basis with the crew at our neighborhood fire hall.

To give her the full experience, I pulled together a few pieces to create a firefighter suit she could get more than one wear out of. The red fire truck shirt is from Revolution46R46's Etsy shop.  The yellow rain jacket is made by Wippette and sold through Amazon.  I picked up four plastic fire hats from a local party supply store and my husband designed a special "Birthday Girl" label that we printed and glued onto Goose's hat.  The boots were hand-me-downs from a friend.  So all together, the whole outfit came together for less than $50.  

Stop #1 of our 3-part birthday extravaganza was actually a few days before her official birthday.  My husband and I took Goose and Ladybug to Science World for a fun day at the museum, being sure to watch the exciting Fire presentation.

Stop #2 was a pizza-making party with a few of Goose's friends at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. which is super kid-friendly AND has a large fiery oven visible from the dining room.  

The girls took the pizza dough rolling VERY seriously.  Each got her own ball of dough and rolling pin.  They were then offered a variety of healthy, organic toppings to design their own lunch.

This restaurant offers very yummy gluten free flat bread crusts.  Unfortunately, they are pre-made and partially baked in a dedicated kitchen elsewhere so can't be rolled out at the party.  To keep it fun for our girls, we let them roll out wheat dough but slickly swapped in the GF crusts when it was time to add the sauce and toppings.

Instead of a cake, we decided to design fruit into the shape of a fire truck.  We were, admittedly, rushed the morning of the party so couldn't give this truck as much love as we would have liked, but that said, it turned out pretty cute.  The truck is watermelon, the windows and ladder are jicama,  the wheels kiwi, the lights blueberries and raspberries and the hoses an organic licorice string and everything is held into place with toothpicks.  The girls all recognized that was a fire truck, so it passed the test.  And it was a hit - there was very little left of this thing after the group picked it over.

Stop #3 of the firefighter birthday fun was a visit to our local fire hall.  Goose was stoked to show off her new firefighter suit to the gang. 

The firemen were awesome, answering all of Goose's very pressing questions like what their favorite colors are, if they watch Fireman Sam, and if they have a dog (they don't).  

After the meet and greet, we got a mini tour of the fire hall and a demonstration of the fire pole.

All of the girls got to sit in the truck and press the buttons, which was Ladybug's favorite part.

Completely unplanned, the fire hall got a real live call while we were there so we got to watch a few of the firemen jump into action and speed off in a truck. VERY EXCITING.

At the end of our visit to the fire hall, we sang Happy Birthday to Goose and received a bunch of stickers and tattoos to commemorate the day.

Happy Birthday, Goose Bean! We're so proud of what a super cool 3 year old you have become!

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